Remote monitoring works by means of picture transmission through an ADSL telephone line and offers around the clock surveillance, usually activated during the vulnerable out-of-working hours.

The remote monitoring system, comprising of a transmission system, CCTV cameras, movement sensors and speakers installed on your site, is connected to an ADSL telephone line. Once an unauthorised person approaches the restricted area or building, the system detects the intruder and an alarm message is received by our monitoring station within seconds. The control room is then able to determine from real images what triggered the alarms and issue verbal warnings. If required, the keyholders or the police are alerted.

The most obvious advantages of the remote monitoring system over any other form of guarding are:

  • It cannot go sick
  • It cannot be bribed
  • It does not go on holiday
  • It cannot fall asleep
  • It can offer absolute coverage
  • It doesn’t tell its friends to come in and help themselves to goods


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